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Craig's Miscellaneous Puzzle Page
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Dec. 15th:  The puzzles and other items that will appear here fail to fit the two easy categorizations I have for my puzzle constructing talents (Math/Logic or crosswords/wordplay).    

If you like the puzzles and musings here, you are encouraged to do one of the following things:
  • Drop me a line.  I can be reached care of:
  • Tip me.  (Coming soon)  I can't afford to support myself solely as a puzzle creator at this time, much as I would like to.  If you tip me for the puzzles I put up here, it enables me to spend more time making puzzles to post here (and less time doing other things.
  • Hire me.  I can construct pretty much any kind of puzzle, for pretty much any kind of solving audience.
  • Host me.  To be more precise, host my site.  (This is only important if you mind the ads my free hosting provider inserts onto these pages.)
On the other hand, if for some reason you don't like a puzzle or puzzles, let me know, but please tell me why you feel that way.  (In other words, constructive criticism is always welcome.)

Enjoy the puzzles!

Craig K.
Puzzles, for your solving pleasure
April 6th, 2002
By Special Request

The following contains a message appropriate to a particular occasion.  Can you suss it out?


December 15th, 2002
Can you dig it?

Which word is out of sequence?  (Originally posted to rec.puzzles)

(The answer is now available.)

About the constructor:

Craig Kasper is a Canadian puzzle constructor in his early 30's.  He has a degree in computer science (and accordingly currently works in the IT field).  He has been fascinated with puzzles of various kinds since he was in elementary school, and is capable of constructing and solving puzzles at a high level including crosswords (both US-style and cryptic), wordplay and language-based puzzles, math-based puzzles and logic puzzles.

Craig was a constructor for the World Puzzle Championships in 2000 and 2002, and supplied puzzles for the 2001 and 2002 US Team qualifying tests.  He hopes to someday represent Canada as a competitor.

In March of 2002 Craig was able to attend the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, Connecticut, where he placed 1st in the foreign division, 3rd in the Rookies classifiaction, and 55th overall out of over 400 participants.

Craig's other interests include playing games, reading (mystery novels in particular), recreation sports, walking, and socializing.

Except as noted, puzzles and articles presented on this page are the copyrighted intellectual property of Craig Kasper.
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