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Mini Marching Bands - A Puzzle by Jeffrey Harris

There are two sets of clues in this crossword variation.  The Answers to the rows clues are to be entered
one right after the other in the appropriately numbered rows, in the order that have been clued.  The answers
to Bands clues are similarly to be entered one right after the other in the five lettered bands (indicated in
the grid by both the heavy gridlines and the shading.)

(Additional credit:  If I am not mistaken, the Marching Bands Puzzle concept is due to Mike Shenk.)

Puzzle Copyright (C) 2003 Jeffrey Harris ( and is used by permission
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(Grid image)
1. Rhesus, e.g.
    Say "bos'n" or "fo'c'sle", perhaps
2. Secretary of yore
    MacBeth was one
3. Give 10 percent
    Many constitute a shower
4. React badly to food, perhaps
    Type of metal
5. Mayo ingredient
6. Jurassic Park medium of preservation
    With ants in one's pants
7. West Virginia, almost?
    It's often depicted on its back
8. They have liners
9. It may support a nest
    Newton's Laws topic
10. Potent
      How one might take advice?
11. Commonly-used base
      Cut of meat
A.  Member of a brotherhood
      Cornea protector
      Like Cassius Clay
      It's round, with a rind
      Alpine residences
B.  Type of sheet
      Grain product
      Requiem hymn
      Desirable object in Monopoly
      Balthasar and Melchior, for two
C.  A crossword may have one
      Brewed beverage
      Not pro
      Due follower
      Oft-picked things
      Fencer's equipment
D.  Shadow, perhaps
      Pet for Willard, in Willard
      Early Dadaist painter
      Cleared (the way)
E.   Down-to-earth fellow