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Heading Home - A Puzzle by Jeffrey Harris

Words in the grid are oriented both across and down, following one after another; they are clued by rows and columns.  The grid below actually forms a famous needle-point pattern, although as you can see, no needle has actually been provided.  You will find the directions to complete this pattern in the grid itself, exactly where you'd expect them.  When you have completed the puzzle, and followed the directions, what you will get can be unscrambled from
the shaded squares.

Puzzle Copyright (C) 2003 Jeffrey Harris ( and is used by permission
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(Grid image)
1. Mister, in Milan
    Macduff, e.g.
2. 'Grasshopper', to a sensei
    First son
3. ____ the score (got vengeance)
    Bridgestone products
4. Droop
    NASDAQ Debut
    It may break up pickets?
5. Preserve as sacred
    OR pronouncement
6. NCO Designation
    Cool cats
7. Actor Diggs
    Bean counter
    Pessimist's word
8. Love, Italian style
    Run its course
9. Scene
    More disgusting
10. Gets by (with "out")
     Cooped-up creatures

1. Mishmash dish
    Type of tax or sale
2. Crane creator
    Out of control
3. Type of Celt
    Place for a porker
4. Last Beethoven symphony
5. Bizarre
    Latin for "I"
6. Blushing
    Point on a die
    It borders Lake Titicaca
7. Grand mountain range
8. General Alexander
    List ender
    Cigarette byproduct
9. Rub the wrong way?
    Church area
10. Previously, in family histories
     Rip from the screen
     Washington VIP
11.  Otherwise
       Ornamental flowers