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Cryptic: The First Amendment

(First printed in the December 1995 Enigma)

The constitution of this cryptic is perhaps different from what you might expect.  First, the shape of the finished diagram is not square (and no diagram is provided, for that matter).  Second, an appropriate amendment is in operation throughout the cryptic, which ought to be evident once the thing is done.  Among the answers are three abbreviations and one foreign word.  (You may wish to copy this text to a word processor for printing.)


2.  Good king, outside, protecting a has-been? (3)
4.  A pace on the west coast and a city on the east coast (3)
5.  Everyone, turn at shopping center for bouquet (5)
6.  Company acquires the steering for cancer therapy (5)
7.  Just about wake up one of Santa's reindeer (5)
10.  Mistakes tatter in time (6)
12.  Continent disowns a European country (7)
13.  See 14D
15.  Names a Spanish house (4)
18.  Restricted, aristocratic group returns even one more (5)
20.  Time for "noes" ruined its charms (9)
24.  Not to accept greeting without even a singe (5)
25.  Buries bananas where you have bed inside (6)
26.  Fantasy author without one is a figurehead (5)
27.  Crazy to take note with me of competed state (7)
29.  Disturbing tips for brutes (7)
30.  Farm bird akin to grain? (7)
31.  Strain, removing spot marker, defecting to pant in the woods (4)
32.  Bike tracks with soft vegetation accommodating "turn in" or "rest" furniture (11)
34.  Hat for a brat (3)
35.  Instrument manager (3)


1.  Christmas candy?  Eating most of sucker in kayak (5)
2.  Pop artist stands by right to auction Charger (8)
3.  Sneaky French woman attempts refetions (10)
5.  A hint to maintain credit increase (6)
8.  Finish near center of mountain (4)
9.  Stain?  'Tis ingrained!  (5)
10.  Chase around after Shakespeare's king with aura pains (8)
11.  Three kings giving them a gift with robbery on the outside (4)
14 and 13A.  Sings, around the second of December, a song about origin of Santa, with ornamented tree - "Have a very merry Christmas!"  (16, 2 wds.)
15.  Sweet to say after chi: "the end" (6)
16.  That way, to take cue for Japanese creed (6)
17.  Aesthetic furrow, cam in curve (8)
18.  Protein manufacturer is to get upset, grasping breast (8)
19.  Battery component is eta?
21.  Egyptian ruer or earner's supervisor (5)
22.  Spanish painter gets average home computer  (5)
23.  Rigs odious substances up (5)
26.  Beheaded main payer in dark compound (3)
28.  Heading otherwise (3)
33.  Ship's crewman with survey beyond one hundred (3)